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English Article Translation

We have plenty of experience translating articles to and from English and can deal with a scope of different professional subjects.

Professional English Article Translation Services

English article translation shouldn't be an obstacle to exploring new markets and growing your online business. In fact, it is almost always a pre-requisite if you're thinking of targeting more potential clients and customers.

We like to make it as easy and as smooth as it possibly can be. Once you've written your article you will want to spread it elsewhere and language should be no barrier. Let our English article translation team help you out.

Test us out and see it for yourself!

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  • Nenad, J.

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  • Dawn, M.

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  • Dusan, B.

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  • Raj, M.

    Raj Mangat Ivanovic Photo
  • Sandra, J.

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Nenad Jovanovic Writing Supervisor

Nenad Jovanovic Photo

After being introduced to the magic of reading at a very early age, Nenad has dived into the mystical arts of literature and comic books so deep that he has passed the point of no return a long, long time ago.

In his teenage years, he has started multi-classing in both sciences and arts, developing a strong love for math and physics alongside his ever-growing interest in storytelling and narrative design. This has further lead him into the world of game design and development, but also marketing and media - the waters in which he has been swimming for more than a decade now. Aside from that, he has worked on scripts for several graphic novels, short movies, a play, numerous art & culture webzines, and a novel (now years in the making).

In his spare time, he plays bass guitar in a couple of weird local bands, frequents obscure music festivals, climbs mountains and talks to his cat about philosophy.

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Dawn Mesa Headline Writer

Dawn Mesa Photo

Dawn has been a professional English writer since 2005. A native English speaker, who was born and raised in the U.S., she majored in English in college, and in American Literature in graduate school. Dawn's commitment to, and passion for, the English language in both print and online publications is apparent in the high quality of of her work. A writer by day and a reader by night, she is a lover of all things linguistic and proudly counts herself as a member of the 'grammar police.'

In addition to writing for various departments within First Beat Media in her 12+ years with the company, Dawn also provides editing and copywriting services for individuals and businesses. When she's not busy at her computer, you can find her chilling on the sidelines of her daughters' soccer games, doing laundry, or providing taxi services for her family.

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Dusan Borisavljevic Headline Writer

Dusan Borisavljevic Photo

Dusan is one of the veterans of our copywriting team. He’s an experienced and accomplished copywriter who worked for numerous international clients and teams. Even though he earned a Bachelor's degree in General Economics and Management, he somehow ended up in copywriting – and loving every bit of it, he decided to stay and make a career out of it.

Dusan’s natural passion towards a range of topics coupled with his strong economic and medical background makes him a perfect addition to any and every project. He loves to be out there on the front lines, discovering new ideas and shaping innovative concepts for our clients.

Dividing his time between Serbia and Austria, he loves to travel all over the world and meet new cultures and people. A self-professed geek and SF fan, he’s also a trained librarian, translator and professional project manager. His broad range of interests includes food, culture, travel, music, entertainment, as well as tourism, economy, and politics.

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Raj Ivanovic Mangat Headline Writer

Raj Mangat Ivanovic Photo

Raj Ivanovic is a Canadian writer who enjoys living life to the fullest by taking every possible risk that comes her way, because life is too short. She believes that whatever is worth it in life comes from hard work and difficult situations which only builds character and living in the past or future, you will miss what is right in front of you.

The biggest successes in life are not which the society makes a success, but your own personal belief of the definition, is a motto she lives by. Raj Ivanovic is someone who loves the outdoors, from playing every type of sport to simply going for a nice long walk or sitting outside enjoying a nice hot coffee, no matter the weather. Raj Ivanovic is someone who thinks that the little things are what matter and that the big things only bring happiness for a short period of time.

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Sandra Jevtic Headline Writer

Sandra Jevtic

Sandra Jevtic is a headline writer and translator, devoted to spreading great ideas both in English and Serbian language. She holds an MA degree in English Language and Literature and has always been passionate about bridging gaps between different cultures through her writing. As a FORECAST student exchange program alumna, she still aspires to connect the dots in a culturally diverse environment we all live in today. Her primary goal is to help people connect more easily while allowing them to express themselves in a clear, precise and coherent way.

She is skilled at both research and content writing for a variety of online platforms, websites, and services. Her work spans translation, writing headlines, keywords, sales texts, optimizing and localizing content, writing and editing landing page articles, PR texts and much more. She keeps on honing her writing skills while attending seminars and workshops, hoping to keep up with an ever-changing world of our digital era.

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