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Translation.Pro Wordpress Plugin by ContentLocalized

ContentLocalized is a premium translation and writing service that meets all of your translation and writing needs in one place. Not only does ContentLocalized offer translation and content writing, it also has a team of local professional translators who are always ready to meet your demands and make your translations sound one hundred percent native. Now you don’t even have to visit the ContentLocalized main site in order to have your translations done – you can simply install our handy Translation.Pro WordPress plug-in and it will allow you to order content directly from WordPress interface without ever having to visit our main site. This plug-in has been designed to meet the needs of our ever-growing customer base and it has been specifically designed to allow WordPress site owners who simply don’t have enough time on their hands to visit our site to promptly order the content they need.

Translating isn’t a straightforward process: one must take into account the local vernacular, idioms, expressions and slang terms, and just about a million other things. While your users might tolerate a mistake here or there, your lack of language mastery can quickly become apparent if you’re not careful. Lucky for you, ContentLocalized has a cadre of professional translators, a team that knows all the intricacies of your target language and knows how to produce excellent, impeccable translations with ease. And thanks to our WordPress plug-in, you can have your translations in a jiffy with just a few clicks. Our team of diligent, experienced writers is always ready to take your idea or request and turn it into a compelling and relevant text form of your choosing – in any language you might need. Translating an article isn’t that difficult, but translating and adjusting top-notch, relevant, informative and entertaining articles is an art and can quickly become a major problem if you need to fill your site with content quickly. That’s where our Translation.Pro WordPress plug-in steps in – a click here and a click there, and you’ll have your order before you know it. It doesn’t matter if you need just a few sentences translated or a whole batch of high quality articles about, say, native fauna of northern Finland. In fact, we probably have someone on our team who actually lives there and knows these things firsthand. Some of our team members are university professors, some are published writers, others are journalists and teachers; they all come together to bring their expertise, zest for writing and passion for written word in order to produce the best possible content for your website.

The range of languages offered through our Translation.Pro WordPress plug-in is simply stunning. Of course, you will find English and Spanish there as bread and butter languages, but also Scandinavian languages: Norwegian, Danish, Swedish and Finnish. We haven’t forgotten about western European languages, and you will be able to hire our team to translate something to and from Italian, French, German and Dutch. Through our ContentLocalized WordPress plug-in you can have something translated to and from Portuguese – and it will sound native to Brazilians as well as to people living in Portugal, because we offer both variants. Our teams can also help you if you need anything translated to and from Romanian, Czech, Serbian and Hungarian. With more than a dozen languages offered, you can rest assured that your content will be translated with passion, determination and accuracy. You will see a list of available combos once you install our plug-in and then you will be able to determine what works best for you.

Don’t forget that, even with our handy Translation.Pro WordPress plug-in, all the usual perks of using ContentLocalized apply. That means that all of your translations will be double checked before they, in a manner of speaking, leave our company, and everything will be checked in Copyscape for uniqueness. Once the order has been made and the content has been delivered and paid, you own the sole copyright to the content you purchased. That means we cannot (and would never) charge you multiple times for the same thing. The writer that will be assigned to your order will be assigned on the basis of her/his own expertise, as judged by her/his supervisor. Rest assured that we will pick the best person for the job and that we will leave no stone unturned until you’re satisfied with your content. To make the long story short: ContentLocalized has a team of experienced professional writers and translators, and you can have your articles, works, papers, news and posts translated without even leaving your WordPress control panel! Just install our handy ContentLocalized plug-in for WordPress and you will be able to use our premium translation services for multiple languages, ranging from English and Spanish to Swedish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Finnish and Italian!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is a writer chosen for my orders?

    Our content managers will assign the best writer for your order according to writer's skills on your topic

  • Are your writers trained in SEO?

    Yes, we periodically conduct several training sessions every quarter and then there are special training sessions for new hires to acquaint them with best copywriting practices and search engine optimized writing and each of our writers understands and is able to follow instructions related to SEO. In addition, our skilled editors will also review submitted work to ensure that it meets your own SEO guidelines.

  • Do you check all the content in Copyscape for uniqueness before delivery?

    Yes, all of your orders are checked in Copyscape for uniqueness before delivery.

  • Do you check all the content in Copyscape for uniqueness before delivery?

    Yes, all of your orders are checked in Copyscape for uniqueness before delivery.

  • Who owns the copyright for the content that I purchase from Content Localized?

    After you approve delivered content, you own the exclusive rights.

  • Can I cancel my monthly blog package subscription anytime?

    Yes, you may cancel your subscription anytime. However, please note that the cancellation takes effect the following month. So for instance, if you were charged for a monthly blog package one week back, you would still receive the content for that specific month and the subscription would be cancelled starting from the next month, which you wouldn’t be charged for.


Find out what our clients are saying about our services

  • Predrag Jovanovic Photo

    Running a business means no aspect of it should be neglected, least of all translation for my potential clients. I was glad to discover Content Localized and their team of translators who leave no room for interpretation - everything is crystal clear and correct.

    Predrag Jovanovic Founder,

  • Donna Hatfield

    What I admire about Content Localized the most is their precision and punctuality. Translation is no easy task and I'm happy to have a reliable source when it comes to it. Being always on time and providing high quality translation is a perfect combination, all the more valuable for being so rare these days.

    Donna Hatfield Customer Support Manager, Dating Backend

  • Max Deshkevich

    There's no shortage of creativity with Content Localized, and the best thing is that their talented team of writers is always up for a challenge. I can now relax knowing that my customers will get perfectly worded content. This is how I've attracted new clients and how I keep my own services relevant and fresh.

    Max Deshkevich Project Manager, Oddbear