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Danish Translation and Writing Services

Get the finest quality of translation and copywriting services in Danish

Professional Danish Translations

Content Localized offers multiple Danish translation services, including translation to and from the Danish language. We cover a range of other languages, too. There are nearly 6 million native Danish speakers, and while most of them live in Denmark, there is a significant number of native Danish speakers who use this language every day in northern Germany, in the region of Southern Schleswig.

Speedy Delivery Meets High-Quality Content in Danish

You're looking for a professional team who'll tackle any task and provide well-written articles in Danish without delay? You've come to the right place. Our Danish writing team will perform multiple translations and writing services, including in-depth research, article drafts and attention-grabbing headlines in local Danish varieties - without compromising the quality of content. In fact, you will find a million ways to tell your story intriguingly and boost your online presence with help coming from our Danish writers who are all committed to providing top-notch quality while staying fresh and relevant.

Let Our Expert Team Provide You with Translation and Writing Services in Danish

Our Danish writers and translators are well trained and experienced in working on a tight schedule, so you can always expect high-quality services with exceptional material. Meeting your expectations plays a pivotal role in our Danish team as they strive to exceed their clients' expectations and bring outstanding content to the table. Their expertise allows them to tackle any topic under the sun while making sure they are always providing locally-based, interesting and relevant writing and translation services in Danish.

The Danish Language

Danish belongs to the North Germanic language group, and it is spoken primarily by locals based in Denmark and northern Germany. In Southern Schleswig, Danish has a minority language status. It is used in Norway and Sweden within Danish-speaking communities. It is a descendent of Old Norse, alongside other North Germanic languages. However, due to immigration, it is now in wide use throughout Spain, the United States, Brazil, Canada, and Argentina. There are many similarities between modern Danish alphabet and the English one but a striking feature of the Danish language is the number of vowels - 27 phonemically different vowels in total.

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Danish Team
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  • Snezana, C.

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  • Ivana, B.

    Ivana Baric Photo

Snezana Cicmil Writing Supervisor

Snezana Cicmil Photo

My first job was a manager's job in an international company, so that has pretty much set the further course of my career. After studies of Law, came Master's degree in Languages. Language science has actually been an inalienable part of my earliest education. Having said that, I must emphasize that there hasn't been a single day in the last 15 years that I haven't written or spoken Scandinavian and/or English language(s). This helped me a lot with my daily job

My current responsibilities include: supervising a part of Writing Dept. team, organizing and monitoring their work process, maintaining quality of system content translation/localization, providing localization ideas and adding a linguistic perspective to the development, managing project timelines, etc.

Apart from this, my experience encompasses SEO; kw research, link building, and Email Marketing. I'm persistently trying to learn PHP, HTML, MySQL, CSS and JavaScript, so hopefully will add this to all of the above.

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Ivana Baric Danish Language Manager

Ivana Baric Photo

I have been lucky to find a profession that I am truly passionate about and translating is the best part of it. I started translating professionally about eight years ago and I have had an opportunity to translate everything from wine labels to contemporary Danish novels.

My current daily tasks include, among other things, translating from English to Danish, which not only allows me to do something I enjoy every day, but also helps me to advance my language skills. There is even an opportunity to put my knowledge of Danish to an even more creative use by writing different types of sales texts and blogs, which is something that I find challenging, but also extremely exciting.

I like learning new things and my current job allows me to acquire new knowledge in different areas. When it comes to work, I consider myself quite a perfectionist, especailly if the ongoing tasks require a more creative approach.

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