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Translation Services

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Having your content professionally translated is a must if you want your brand to be taken seriously in your targeted countries and markets. Any experienced marketer will tell you that once you've set up your domain for an international audience, you should want to reach out to them in their own language. And that is what Content Localized can help you with.

Keep in mind that just having the same text translated into different languages is not the goal here. It is important to localize the content so that it appeals to the targeted customers. That is why Content Localized hires local translators, essentially native speakers for each and every language. That way we can ensure that your content is both translated up to the highest standard and that it resonates with the local community. Essentially, that it speaks the language of your customers for each market you are present in.

The importance of localized content

You might be wondering why it is not enough to simply have translated content to offer up to your customer base in countries your brand has a presence and why localized translation has such a big role to play. Well, the answer is simple, if your product or service is aiming at an international market, the best course of action is to make it as close to the local population as possible.

This involves having content writers and translators familiar with the local culture and language. Someone who understands how your targeted customer base thinks and talks. That way the content created with the knowledge of the situation, the slang and the mentality of the country is of the utmost importance. You want people to feel comfortable with your brand and product, to see it as something that is a part of their daily lives, something they want in their homes. That is what localized content can achieve when produced by experienced writers and translators. And Content Localized offers just that.

But what about the industry terminology

Yes, having your content translated into a specific language is important for increasing brand awareness and presence in that specific market. But the translation also needs to ensure that the right terminology is used, one that is adequate for the industry your company is in and one that will ensure the necessary level of professionalism that you want to convey. This is precisely why we have content creators and translators niched for specific industries.

Yes, you have read it correctly, depending on the languages you need and the branch of industry you are in you will be paired with a translator who is experienced with both. That means that you will get a translation that is expert, uses the right terminology and is at the same time tailored to your designated audience. That is the quality of service you can expect to get from Content Localized.

The language selection

You have listed below all the languages that we cover, or you can check our language bar. We are happy to report that the number in question is substantial thus enabling us to provide you with an extensive translation service and localization should your company need it.

Content Localized offers translation for the following languages:

Simply choose the language or languages you want, and our team of expert translators will ensure that you get the top-quality end product that will represent your brand in the best possible way in the markets you are targeting.